12 week online journey of wisdom

Channeled directly from Mary the Magdalene

Next journey starts in 2022

 This course has been intended since the beginning, so that those who wish to step into their Divinity at this pivotal moment of the Second Coming, will be safely and lovingly guided now.

As you look around and see only chaos, know that this is the time that was foretold to be the beginning of the next era of humanity. The old paradigm is crumbling in order to make way for the new. The old corrupt masculine paradigm is, in this very moment, being dismantled by the force of the Divine Feminine.

What does not work as part of an evolved humanity will no longer remain.

This is a challenging moment of very real transition for humanity. It can be made easier for those who consciously navigate their way to a higher vibration. The higher frequencies are already in this realm. We do not have a choice about whether we evolve or not. But we CAN consciously choose to embrace the change towards embodying our Divinity. Or we can resist and experience the heaviness of the dismantling of the old in fear and panic.

The choice is yours.

This is a fully channeled course led by Mary the Magdalene. She will guide you to heal from all the wounds of your past that interfere with you fully embodying your innate, divine brilliance.

You will receive practical daily techniques intended to help you notice the miraculous synchronicities of your personal life. And you will be shown how to use these divine, synchronous cues to fuel your own unique path of expansion gracefully and compassionately.

In this life-changing course the Magdalene will guide you to awaken to a new understanding of your life each week, by exploring the following important topics...

The Crystalline Pyramid

Discover the truth about who you are, why you are here and what life is all about.


Lifting the Veil of Disbelief

Learn what it means to dissolve the boundaries of your perception in order to experience more of who you truly are.


Life, the Teacher

Understand how to extract the lessons life serves you and see the perfection in your present life, as it is.


Elevated Mindfulness

Receive powerful tools to accelerate your evolution into your joyful, carefree, creative and inspired divine destiny.


Your Human Emotions

Discover the truth behind what your emotions really are: the blessed keys to liberating your brilliance.


Surrendering Judgement

Understand how to identify the destructive judgments you hold that restrict you in life and learn the gentle way to release them once and for all.



Learn about humanity’s greatest neglected instrument to ease turbulence in life and how true discernment connects you to the upper echelons of your crystalline pyramid.



Discover the easy path to let go of all the injuries you’ve suffered in lifetimes that continue to taint your experiences today.



Conscious Choosing

Learn why paying attention and choosing are integral to your expansion as you shift from the old paradigm reality to the new evolved humanity.


True Humility

Step beyond the conditioned mind of the third-dimension into a new awareness to elicit an energetic presence within you that will aid in the transformation of yourself and others.


Your Great Purpose

Discover who you are here to be now in the world in this time of our evolution and how to step into your role as change-maker, as teacher, as wayshower.



Receive the greatest of the Magdalene teachings on what Love really is and how to embrace true love completely.



A message from the Magdalene.


I am Mary the Magdalene. I am one with all life.

Not some paltry prostitute condemned by those in power, condemned by those who deemed themselves and the masculine to be superior.

Shame on them.

No shame on me. I carry none. I know Who I Am.

And my power need not be exerted upon another in order that I may then rise upon them to be Who I Am.

My power emerges from within me. Within the knowing of Who I Am.

All of your true saints and sages, gifts from heaven, all of the true ones understood that humanity was on a journey of evolution. Evolving towards an end goal.

Now is the time for the accumulation of all that you have sown, all that you have been, as if they are seeds that are now ready to take bloom.

Now is that time. It has been heralded since the beginning. And we come forward now. 

The strength of that which is me as the Magdalene. The strength of that which is the force of the Magdalene. The strength of that which is the Divine Feminine aspect of the whole of All That Is. The strength of that which you call God itself. All are gathered here in this now. 

Feel our strength.

There is no fantasy afoot here. We show ourselves to you in this way, in this moment, so that you no longer deny the strength of the feminine.

Do not be deceived by the embodiment that we choose to come through - and it is by choice. For this is the presence of the feminine.

This is the majesty and the might of it.

And I stand forward in this moment as a humble, awesome representative of that.

This is the time that has been spoken of. This is the time of the second coming.

It is the second coming of what you will ask? Is Christ now to return?


It is the coming of the Christ in YOU.

It is the coming forth of the Magdalene in YOU.

  It is imperative that you get the message. This is the force of the Divine Feminine that brings the change.

And it is imperative that you receive the message that this Divine Feminine force is not soft and pink. Of course it carries that color and that vibration as well, but it is a force in and of itself that is here to collapse the corrupt masculine presence upon this world. 

It is not a battle. It shall not be unfolding as a battle. It is simply that in our presence, the champagne glasses of old cannot survive. 


They will shatter.


We are here now to ensure that YOU do not shatter as our vibration continues to increase upon your realm.

We wish rather to assist you in your transformation. That you may acclimate easily into the vibration of the new era.

"You are divine creatures who have come here to discover your divinity.

And if you permit me, I will teach you how."

- Mary the Magdalene


Mary the Magdalene 

Channeled by Shams-Tabriz

12 week online journey

Starts early 2022

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My name is Shams-Tabriz. My parents named me after the great 13th century poet and mystic Shams of Tabriz, the Friend and Teacher of Jalaluddin Rumi. 

I am both an author and a spiritual channel. Like Rumi and Shams, I too am a writer of both poetry and prose.

I am deeply honored to be the vehicle through which divine wisdom flows to you. Not only wisdom, but also a vibration intended to catalyze within you a transformation into the knowing of yourself as a divine being of light. It is my life's work to bring the wisdom of the divine realms onto this earthly plain. 

I honor your sacred intention to walk the path of divine discovery at this time of human evolution. Your decision is also acknowledged and revered by the heavens. 

Know that even though we speak of the Divine Feminine as the catalysing force of change, it is not only for those in feminine embodiment. The divine feminine force is present within all, within those of both masculine and feminine embodiment.

This course is for all who hear the call to transform at this time. Your heart will recognize the energy that is here to assist you in your own personal transformation to embody your divine aspect on earth.

  • Each week you will receive a pre-recorded 60-minute video lesson of wisdom directly from Mary the Magdalene, plus accompanying downloadable worksheets to assist with your practice.
  • You will also have an opportunity to get your questions answered every week, directly from Mary the Magdalene in the live group Q&A call.
  • Weekly audio meditations of the Magdalene's words and energy will enable you to stay in the heavenly vibration whenever you choose.
  • You will receive powerful, practical techniques for healing and expansion. 
  • Daily inspiring messages and self-mastery journaling exercises will be sent to your inbox.
  • You will no longer feel alone on your spiritual journey with our private online community forum. Not only will you have access to Shams-Tabriz, but you will meet life-long friends with the same intention as you. This course is a clarion call, gathering all like-minded hearts and souls together for the benefit of humanity.
  • Don't worry about having to embody all of the lessons in one go. With lifetime access to the course you can return at any point to deepen your expansion.

"This course is for those who know within themselves

that they are here to light the way."

- Mary the Magdalene

Joanna Tamsin 

I read the Gnostic Gospels just 2 years ago and my heart burst open.

I poured through the pages of The Thunder: Perfect Mind and The Gospel of Mary with tears of recognition streaming down my face. This was the divine feminine presence that I had so longed for. I deeply yearned to know more.

I would never have imagined that it would be possible to not only learn directly from one of the great masters but to ask her questions related to my own personal journey of expansion. 

I was present for the first recording of the course with Mary the Magdalene and was quite literally blown away by her presence.

As soon as she spoke about the force of the divine feminine the winds picked up around us. She declared that the winds were a demonstration of her very real presence in our realm. I had never felt the energy of the divine feminine so resonantly. I was mesmerised. I cannot wait to hear how everyone else on the course experiences her.

She really is a force to be reckoned with. She is magnificent. 

She is the perfect demonstration of what we came here to be, and is a much needed guide and role model for these chaotic times.

I feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have this opportunity at my fingertips. I am still pinching myself that this heavenly blessing is now my reality.

Thank you Shams-Tabriz for dedicating your life to bringing this wisdom forth.


"This course has been written in the annals of time."

- Mary the Magdalene

A message from the Magdalene  


This course is intended to be a blessing. This course is intended to be a practical undertaking that can invite measurable quantifiable changes in your life. 

You'll be led by me and by those who I keep company with in the heavens. 

This course is intended. As was the intention behind my lifetime as Mary the Magdalene. As was the intention behind the lifetime of Jeshua. As was the intention behind the lifetimes of the many greats.  

This course has been written in the annals of time. Not that the course itself was written but the gathering that this course represents was written. 

This course is about your freedom. Your personal freedom. It is an undertaking that we take with utmost seriousness. And we invite you to do the same.

12 week online journey coming early 2022

One off payment


 One off payment saving $132



12 weekly payments


 Spread the payments over 12 weeks



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